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      Explore Mexican cuisine and life at our Mexican Cooking School,

 A true culinary vacation at romantic Casa Carmelita A country home adventure, experience of Mexico and its cuisine                                           

 Your invitation from Estela to our Mexican Cooking School 
Mexican Home Cooking School

West of Veracruz beyond the coffee and vanilla plantations the road climbs to the high plateau of central Mexico.Here is Tlaxcala where I live and where the indigenous tribes and Europeans first mixed. Nearby is the city of Puebla where I was born and where the kitchens of the “New World” joined with those of Spain, Persia, and France, creating “Cocina Poblana” the Cuisine of Puebla. This is a fusion of tastes that are unique to this area of Mexico and far beyond what is thought of as Mexican Cuisine”. The Mexican Home Cooking School is renowned worldwide and you will see us in many magazines, books, tv shows and videos listing us right at the top of Mexican Cooking Schools.

About Estella and our Mexican Cooking School in Tlaxcala (next door to Puebla!)

My desire is to keep this cuisine alive and pass on the recipes of my family. From aficionados to serious cooks who are interested in new culinary delights I share my experience with you at “Mexican Home Cooking School“. The wonderful part is that you don’t have to be an advanced cook to learn this type of cooking. I base my classes on the ability of each person and make the techniques simple to learn. You’ll be surprised how complex the flavors turn out and you will return home able to reproduce these dishes in your own kitchen. Although chiles are used, this is not a cuisine that is about hot and spicy (unless you want it to be). The chiles are used to produce flavors as ancient as the Aztecs and as sophisticated as French cuisine. We share many of our family secrets you will not find at other Mexican cooking schools. Our Mexican Home Cooking School will show you techniques and tastes that you will incorporate into your kitchen and share with your family and friends.

I invite you to join me for a week of immersion in Mexican cuisine and life; in my house “Casa Carmelita” where you will cook and experience the routines of a Mexican country home. More than just a cooking school this is an experience of Mexico and its cuisine that is rarely found.

Relax, cook, enjoy sightseeing with friends or family (or both) at Mexican Home Cooking School

Give yourself the pleasure of a quiet haven of cooking and relaxing; a wonderful way to spend a week with others from around the world, a glass of wine in hand swapping tales and hearing stories about Mexico, its culture, cooking and tasting its food.

Culinary Vacation Mexico / Culinary Retreat in Mexico

Sightsee in the afternoon and return in the evening for cocktails and a candlelit gourmet dinner. If the evening is cool relax in front of the fireplace in your room with that book you never have time to read at home.

What a wonderful thing, to take home Mexican Cooking to use and enjoy for years to come with family and friends instead of just returning with photographs and trinkets. Our Mexican cooking school will give you a lifetime of memories and tastes and techniques.





Mexican Cooking School





Before there were Mexican Cooking Schools

Long before there was “Mexican Cuisine”  the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Totonacs, Toltecs, and Aztecs came and intermixed their cultures, customs, and kitchens. For thousands of years before the Europeans arrived, before Rome was even a village, a sophisticated cuisine was developing here.

When the Spanish came in 1619 the mixture of kitchens began. Many indigenous dishes were accepted and adapted but many more were lost. more…

Delightful experience and great girls trip

Reviewed 2 weeks ago

The cooking experience was top notch and you will spend every morning in a mixture of hands-on learning and demonstration cooking. The groups are very small so everyone has a chance to participate and learn the history behind these wonderful and tasty Poblano dishes. The accommodations are clean comfy and spacious at Casa Carmelita and you will be well cared for by the hosts Jon and Estela. Afternoons are action packed with trips to nearby Puebla (take the tour of the pottery factory) and Cholula (check out the local market in addition to the famous ruins). We also loved Tlaxcala which we visited during the start of Carnaval and the civic activities / parades in El Centro were very elaborate and a highlight of our trip. The taxi drivers that work frequently school were top notch and flexible. They all use whatsapp so they are easy to contact if plans change while on excursion. We felt safe the entire trip and I would highly recommend this school and B&B to get the “flavor” of the real Mexico. A lovey country with lovely people.



January 24, 2018

Our time at the Mexican Home Cooking School definitely exceeded any thoughts I may have had prior. Everything about it was pretty much a 10/10!! The location, off the beaten track, but certainly not impossible to get to. The rooms we stayed in were not your typical hotel rooms, nice sized boutiquey type rooms , beautifully decorated, true style to the area, but not over the top in any way, honestly, they just fit the whole experience to a tee! And the grounds were gorgeous to wander about and eat some of our meals. more… 

Our class at the Mexican Home Cooking School

Flying to Mexico for a cooking class in the middle of a Minnesota winter seemed a perfect way to restore the circulation in our frostbitten fingers and toes.

As the van that picked us up from the airport rounded a final bend in the road and the generous gardens and patio of Jon and Estella’s bougainvillea laced hacienda came into view on the hill, it appeared that we were off to a fine start.  Indeed, we were.
I’ll put it simply: Our 5 days and nights at the school far surpassed even the best of our fanciful expectations.

Our accommodations include your choice of a double room, detached garden cottage and a two room suite. Each is unique, built and furnished using local materials in the traditions of indigenous, Spanish, Moorish, and French cultures that mixed in this area.

Each accommodation is spacious with private bath and a fireplace (for cool evenings). more…

You will love the accommodations, the food, and memories at our
Mexican Cooking School!

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Our accommodations include your choice of a double room, detached garden cottage, and a two room suite. Each is unique, built and furnished using local materials in the traditions of indigenous, Spanish, Moorish, and French cultures that mixed in this area. Read More about “Accommodations”

Top Mexican Cooking School

Rated #1 Mexican Cooking School in the cuisine of Puebla!