Cooking Course of the City of Puebla, Mexican Cooking School

What I teach is the traditional cuisine of the city of Puebla.

All my classes are in English, hands-on and very small. We are open year-round and have no minimum group size. I do have a limit of 6 maximum with 4 being typical. I will include recipes of special interest on request if possible and private lessons, can also be arranged. Mexican Home Cooking School is almost unique in Mexico; in that it is owned and run by a Mexican, teaching “traditional” cuisine from the city of Puebla from its basics.  If you are interested in very small “hands on” classes on this basis I can assure you a very exciting and useful week here. I am passing on what has been kept alive in my family of these dishes and traditions. My desire is to offer a special experience and open a door to Mexico that is rarely available to tourists. Each guest is unique and has different interests. Because I have very small groups it possible for me to be extremely flexible. Unlike an impersonal resort or hotel, I am available to respond to individual needs. As much as possible I structure my classes to the interests of my guests and I format each course to the level of expertise of the student. You don’t need to be an advanced cook to learn this cuisine. My classes are designed for home cooks and food enthusiasts from beginner to advanced, in a relaxed environment. The techniques are simple to learn, and you’ll be surprised how deliciously complex the flavors turn out. Though you will learn about the flavor nuances of a host of chiles, this is not a course about hot and spicy food. It is about flavors, as ancient as the Aztecs and as sophisticated as French cuisine. And of course, the classes are fun.   Classes are 2 – 2 ½ hrs each day. You will be preparing lunch and dinner. Each day will include a soup, two main dishes, sauces and usually a dessert. A typical day’s recipes may include:

  • Squash blossom soup
  • Almond Chicken or Duck
  • Pork, lamb or rabbit in Adobo sauce
  • Beef in Chile Pasilla sauce
  • And perhaps “fiancées sighs” a dessert with walnuts covered in syrup, lemon and cinnamon.

Our Schedule 

You can join us for 4 classes  7 days 6 nights with a Sunday arrival and Saturday departure: Sunday………………….Cocktails and dinner 4 days of classes………Afternoons free One free day Friday night…………….Cocktails and live music Saturday………………….Breakfast and morning departure Or you can join us for 3 classes 5 days 4 nights with a Tuesday arrival and Saturday departure: Monday………………….Cocktails and dinner 3 days of classes………Afternoons free Friday night…………….Cocktails and live music Saturday………………….Breakfast and morning departure We do fill up some months in advance. If you have a date in mind it is a good idea to let me know as much in advance as possible and I will try to accommodate your request and hold a space for you. Once you make a reservation with a deposit we will not cancel because a class is not full. Remember that we have no minimum.